Republican Race

For over 24 years the Eighteenth District has been listening to a Representative that claims to be the voice of reason and now it's time for a solution. Let us learn from our past and create a winning future that we can take a hold of and stride for. My hope & vision is to see America safe again & to be a district with successful people, living & thriving to be our best.

A people of excellence!

Below are some pressing issues to help our nation & district:

  • God - My 1st priority would be to bring God back into our government & schools
  • Pro-Life - Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is our American way. I will protect the sanctity of life. Do we as a nation believe that the taking of an innocent life, is truly liberating women? I will work with Congress and support any legislation defunding Planned Parenthood & direct those health care funds to women's clinic's that do not offer abortions.
  • Uphold the Constitution of the United States of America - I believe the people you elect have a duty to follow & uphold the Constitution of the United States.
  • Support our Veterans - Now is the time to honor those who have served our country and provide our servicemen & women with the best healthcare available.
  • Small Business - another priority is to see District 18 thrive again, and one way would be to bring back successful small businesses to the area which will create more jobs. I would like to reduce taxes & government regulations that are currently being imposed on them.
  • Trade Schools - I would like to have incentives for trade schools to be available that train the individual technical skills to perform the tasks of a particular job, which will help them have successful careers.
  • Balance the Budget - We need to bring an end to this out of control spending in Washington. One area is to balance the budget, I will work with Congress to make this a priority, even if it takes amending the Constitution, forcing the federal government to balance the budget.

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With Compassion, Protection & Respect ~ We Are The New Generation Created To Finish Well

As fellow Americans we have a responsibility to uphold, to make sure that the right person is in office, listening  & working for us.

Being an elected official is a public servant's role & not a career position. At this moment there are no term limits for congress and many of those members have become career politicians, who are no longer serving us "the people", but instead themselves.

Our District, in some areas are in poverty, stricken with high crime and loss of jobs. Let's work together so we can start making changes to the 18th District that will benefit everyone especially in the areas that have been neglected & forgotten.

Together we can make changes that either are long overdue or have been overlooked for District 18. Let's be the solution in November 2018, help me win this election and tell Washington we're ready to remove the career politicians.

The constitution has been put in place to protect the people. I have seen these standards ignored in our government time and time again. It is time for you & I to say no more! We need someone who will listen, understand & protect our future. Together we can provide security for all. Let’s be the solution & run this race together.

I am ready to protect the Constitution of the United States of America that provides strength, growth and most of all your rights as an individual, Elect Ava Reynero Pate for U.S. Congress District 18.

"Behold, I come quickly; hold fast which you have, so that no one will take your crown."   ~ Revelation 3: 11

One Nation Under God

 for ​U. S. Congress District 18

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  Ava Reynero Pate for U.S. Congress District 18